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Corning Natural Gas Holding Corp [CNIG]


Company Overview

The Holding Company was incorporated in New York in July 2013 to serve as a holding company for the Gas Company and its dormant subsidiary Corning Natural Gas Appliance Corporation (the Appliance Company), Pike, Leatherstocking Gas Company, LLC, and Leatherstocking Pipeline Company, LLC. The Holding Company also owns 50% of Leatherstocking Gas of New York, Inc. (Leatherstocking NY). As used in this document, the term the Company refers to the consolidated operations of the Holding Company, Gas Company, Pike and (from July 1, 2020) the Leatherstocking Companies.

Headquarterscorningnew york
Phone Number(607) 936-3755
Industrynatural gas transmission & distribution
CEOMichael I. German

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