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Dr. Foods, Inc. [CPSL]


Company Overview

On or about September 17, 2021, we incorporated Dr. Foods Co., Ltd., a Japan Company, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. We intend to utilize Dr. Foods Co., Ltd. to, amongst other things, act as an importer, reseller, developer, and manufacturer of various food products that we may develop in the future. We now operate exclusively through Dr. Foods Co., Ltd. and share the same business plan as that of Dr. Foods Co., Ltd. Our company philosophy is to save the next generation of food through science and technology through conducting scientific studies of the worlds foods. We believe that plant based foods will not only become increasingly popular over the course of the next century, but that they will also help to solve, or alleviate, many of the problems created by the current meat supply chain.

CountryUnited States
Phone Number81-90-6002-4978
CEOKoichi Ishizuka

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