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Dais Corp [DLYT]


Company Overview

Dais Corporation (Dais, us, we,, the Company) is a proprietary, nanotechnology polymer materials company. Nanotechnology involves studying and working with matter on an ultra-small scale. Doing this ishow the Company built features and properties into its platform of nanomaterial sold under the brand name Aqualtye. Aqualyte is used to enable new product variants we believe are better than traditional products which use energy consuming and break-able components. Aqualyte itself, is marketed to OEMs to create differentiated products, while the second product is a fixed plate energy recovery ventilator called ConsERV, which we believe is useful in meeting building indoor fresh air requirements while saving energy and lowering emissions for most forms of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.

CountryUnited States
Phone Number(727) 375-8484
CEOTim N. Tangredi