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Medicine Man Technologies, Inc. [MDCL]


Company Overview

Medicine Man Technologies, Inc. (we, us, our or the Company) was incorporated in Nevada on March 20, 2014. On May 1, 2014, we entered into a non-exclusive Technology License Agreement with Futurevision, Inc., f/k/a Medicine Man Production Corp., dba Medicine Man Denver (Medicine Man Denver) pursuant to which Medicine Man Denver granted us a license to use all of the proprietary processes that they had developed, implemented and practiced at their cannabis facilities relating to the commercial growth, cultivation, marketing and distribution of medical and recreational marijuana pursuant to relevant state laws and the right to use and to license such information, including trade secrets, skills and experience (present and future) (the License Agreement) for 10 years.

CountryUnited States
Phone Number303-371-0387
CEOJustin Dye