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Major League Football Inc [MLFB]


Company Overview

Major League Football, Inc. (the “Company,” “we,” “us” or “our”) plans to establish, develop, and operate Major League Football (“MLFB”) as a professional Spring/Summer football League with 4 initial Franchises located in cities overlooked in large part by existing professional sports leagues and provide fans with high quality players and competition in the NFL’s off-season. Our plan is that initial teams will be located in Ohio, Virginia, Arkansas and Alabama. Our spring playing schedule avoids all competition with the NFL and colleges.  Our search committee has located multiple cities with both a passion for sports and football as well as stadium venues whose size will provide our fans an excellent viewing experience at a reasonable rental expense to MLFB. All potential venues are equipped for high quality multi-platform media transmission allowing us the broadcast all our games in multi-levels of today’s technology. We have commenced the process of leasing these venues and have acquired all the necessary football and related equipment to fully outfit our teams, including some of the latest technology for use by our coaches and players.

CountryUnited States
Headquarterslakewood ranchflorida
Phone Number(847) 924-4332
CEOFrancis J. Murtha