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As of Jun 22, 2022

Datto Holding Corp. [MSP]


Company Overview

Datto Holding Corp. ("Datto Holding", "Datto", we, us, our and the Company) is the leading global provider of security and cloud-based software solutions purpose-built for delivery through the MSP channel to SMBs. MSPs represent the future of information technology ("IT") management for SMBs. Digital transformation is driving SMB adoption of modern software and technology, while regulatory and data protection requirements and proliferating security threats are increasing the complexity and risk of IT for SMBs. These trends have created an inflection point in SMB outsourcing to MSPs for IT management. MSPs are equipped with the IT resources and expertise SMBs lack, serving as a single provider to meet all of an SMBs IT needs. MSPs are trusted to select, procure, implement and manage software and technology stacks that support their SMB customers business needs. The number of MSPs continues to grow, with approximately 132,000 MSPs providing this critical function to millions of SMBs worldwide today.

CountryUnited States
Phone Number(415) 439-1400
CEOTim Weller