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Seqll, Inc. [SQL]


Company Overview

We are a development-stage life sciences instrumentation and research services company engaged in the development of scientific assets and novel intellectual property across multiple omics fields. We leverage our expertise with True Single Molecule Sequencing (tSMS) technology enabling researchers and clinicians to contribute major advancements to scientific research and development by accelerating ones understanding of the molecular mechanisms of disease and fundamental biological processes. We believe our proprietary sequencing technology platform has critical advantages over existing NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) technologies, particularly for emerging applications in the research and development of biomarker discovery, epigenetics, nucleotide chemistry, forensics, and cell-free nucleic acid analysis. Our mission is to empower researchers with improved genetic tools that enable scientists and physicians to better understand the molecular mechanisms of disease and the underlying biological systems. This knowledge is essential to the continued development of new breakthroughs in genomic medicine that address the critical concerns involved with todays precision medicine.

CountryUnited States
Phone Number(781) 817-3755
CEODaniel Jones

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