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As of Mar 06, 2024

Tenable Holdings, Inc. [TENB]


Company Overview

Tenable Holdings, Inc. is a leading provider of exposure management solutions. Exposure management is an effective discipline for managing, measuring and comparing cybersecurity risk in today's complex IT environments. Digital transformation is driving radical change and is powering the economy and our social infrastructure. A digital-first economy is only sustainable if it is built with a solid cybersecurity foundation. As organizations modernize their IT infrastructures and adopt cloud or hybrid cloud architectures that are no longer housed in the confines of their corporate networks, they have less visibility and control over the security of these assets. Organizations are also increasingly implementing modern solutions, such as Internet of Things, or IoT, devices, web applications and application containers, to enable the rapid development and deployment of new products, services and business models, as well as to drive operational efficiencies.

CountryUnited States
Phone Number(410) 872-0555
CEOAmit Yoran