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As of Mar 06, 2024

Village Bank & Trust Financial Corp. [VBFC]


Company Overview

Village Bank and Trust Financial Corp. (Company) was incorporated in January2003 and was organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia as a bank holding company. The Company has three active wholly owned subsidiaries: Village Bank (the Bank), Southern Community Financial Capital Trust I, and Village Financial Statutory Trust II. The Bank has one active wholly owned subsidiary: Village Bank Mortgage Corporation (the Mortgage Company), a full service mortgage banking company. The Company is the holding company of and successor to the Bank. Effective April30, 2004, the Company acquired all of the outstanding stock of the Bank in a statutory share exchange transaction. Unless the context suggest otherwise, the terms we, us and our refer collectively to the Company, the Bank, and the Mortgage Company.

CountryUnited States
Phone Number804-897-3900
CEOJames E. Hendricks, Jr.