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Climate protesters dog oil major TotalEnergies' shareholder meeting in Paris

France TotalEnergies

French police have thrown a security cordon around a shareholders meeting in Paris of oil major TotalEnergies

PARIS (AP) — French police threw a security cordon around a shareholders' meeting in Paris of oil major TotalEnergies on Friday, spraying tear gas and pushing back climate protesters who chanted, “Be gentle, police officers, we're doing this for your kids !"

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Shareholders, some escorted into the meeting by police, ran a gauntlet of the peaceful, earnest and mostly young demonstrators, who waved placards attacking the climate record of the French energy giant that has reaped colossal profits from price surges that have accompanied war in Ukraine.

“The last pipeline before the end of the world,” “Listen to the scientists: No more fossil projects,” their placards read.

Protesters sat down in surrounding streets and linked arms to block access to the meeting in a famed Paris concert hall.