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Millennial Money: 3 ways to save money in a high-cost city

Millennial Money: 3 ways to save money in a high-cost city

Living in a high-cost city can strain your finances, but three tips can help you thrive

Traditional money-saving advice may not cut it if you live in one of America’s most expensive cities or urban areas. Residents of New York City, San Francisco, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Orange County, California, among others, are paying much more than the national average for housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, health care, and other goods and services.

There is a silver lining, though: High-cost cities can come with unique opportunities to save, such as housing lotteries, discounted tickets to cultural institutions for residents, and specialty grocery stores and farmers markets.


It can be more convenient to shop for groceries weekly at a traditional grocery store, but if you’re looking to cut costs in an expensive city, it may be worth the extra effort to shop wholesale and supplement with smaller, budget-friendly trips to the local grocery store.