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Rapid Changeover and Faster Small-Batch Capabilities Now Online at Rémy Martin, Thanks to iTRAK Intelligent Track System

Rapid Changeover and Faster Small-Batch Capabilities Now Online at Rémy Martin, Thanks to iTRAK Intelligent Track System

French bottling machine specialist, Perrier Bottling Company, takes traditional fixed-pitch product handling into the digital age and creates new batch-flexibility paradigm using intelligent conveying technology.

PARIS, Oct. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, today announced that Rémy Martin – known around the globe for its popular cognac – is benefiting from new bottling technology that leverages the near infinite motion profiles offered by the iTRAK® intelligent track system.

Developed by French bottling machine specialist, Perrier Bottling Company, the new machine addresses multiple contemporary business pressures faced by Rémy Martin, including multi-batch capabilities, rapid changeover between batches, and gentle but positive handling to minimize abrasion to maintain all-important shelf appeal.

According to Eric Chalengeas, regional vice president sales, south region at Rockwell Automation: "One machine for one purpose is no longer economically and operationally acceptable in many high-throughput applications. Companies want large- and medium-batch economies of scale, but with smaller-batch flexibility, all on the same machine. Our independent cart technology brings the 'economic batch of one' closer to reality, as packaging and bottling routines can be modified by the press of a button, often with minimal engineering intervention."

Yannic Arenas, regional sales manager France at Perrier Bottling Machines, adds: "Rémy Martin was aware of the capabilities that iTRAK intelligent track system offered and asked us to design a machine that would leverage its flexibility. The machine was initially specified for nine bottle formats with another two sizes requested by marketing during the ramp-up phase. And each batch takes just 15 minutes to change, compared to half a day in some cases."

Mickael Guiard, automation technical manager, at Rémy Martin, explains: "We had seen what the iTRAK ITS had achieved in other applications and we knew these capabilities were transferable. Rapid batch changeover gives us the capability to quickly adapt to market demands, with minimal unproductive downtime, while the removal of friction-based transfer systems helps maintain the high visual standards of such a classic brand."

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