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GOP's Jim Jordan is shoring up support and peeling off detractors ahead of a House speaker vote

Hard-charging right-wing Republican Rep. Jim Jordan is shoring up support to win the House speaker's gavel

Two weeks without a House speaker, Republicans will meet behind closed doors Monday evening to try to unite around their new nominee, far-right firebrand Rep. Jim Jordan, a Donald Trump ally who appears to be quickly shoring up support to win the gavel.

One by one Jordan, the hard-charging Judiciary Committee chairman, has been peeling off detractors who view the Ohio Republican as too extreme. A major pressure campaign from Trump allies including Fox News' Sean Hannity has helped quickly build support. A floor vote that could turn into a showdown is set for Tuesday.

In a letter Monday to colleagues, Jordan took a cooperative tone vowing to “bring all Republicans together” if he becomes House speaker after the ouster of Kevin McCarthy.

“The country and our conference cannot afford us attacking each other right now,” Jordan wrote. “It is time we unite to get back to work on behalf of the American people."