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Shah Niraj

Also Known As Niraj S. Shah, Shah

CEO of Wayfair

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Niraj S. Shah is a co-founder, co-chairman, and CEO of Wayfair, Inc. (W)

Shah co-founded Wayfair in 2002 with his Cornell classmate, Steve Conine, and has been its CEO since its inception.

Shah was included in the Fortune list of "40 under 40" for 2013.

In 2017, Shah became a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

In May 2017, Wayfair's share price rose above $70 per share, making Shah and his co-founder Steve Conine both billionaires. As of April 2022, his estimated net worth was $1.6 billion

Shah co-founded the Shah Family Foundation with his wife Jill in 2017, which supports education and healthcare programs.

Early Life

Niraj S. Shah born on 1973/1974

Shah grew up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, the son of immigrants from India. His grandfather ran a "steel manufacturing business in India, making pots and pans". His father worked for General Electric as a mechanical engineer, and after his retirement, joined Wayfair early on, providing financial advice, and still works for the company.                                 

Shah is married to Jill Shah; they have two children, and live in the Back Bay area of Boston. In 2013, Jill Shah sold her alternative medicine directory Jill's List, which employed 7 people, to California-based MINDBODY, and now runs their Boston office


  • Graduated - Corn ell University
  • Bachelor's degree in engineering -


  • Wayfair - CEO
  • Wayfair - co-founder
  • Wayfair - co-Chairman