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Yemin Ezra Uzi

Also Known As Yemin, Ezra Uzi Yemin

CEO of Delek US Holdings

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Uzi Yemin is a Chief Executive Officer , Chairman, and President of Delek US, Inc. (DK) 

In 1995, while still in the process of completing his university studies, Yemin began working for the Israeli Ministry of Finance where he served as the head of the Administration of Non-Life Insurance Policy. Yemin remained with the Ministry until 1997.

Upon the completion of his studies, Yemin went to work for Clal Insurance Co. Ltd. In 1998, he became the head of General Insurance and was subsequently promoted to vice president. He remained with the company until 2000.

Yemin has three children.

Yemin is fluent in Hebrew and English, and has good knowledge of Arabic, and Spanish languages.

Early Life

Uzi Yemin was born September 18, 1968 in Jerusalem to a Jewish family that immigrated to the nascent State of Israel from Iraq in 1951. Yemin's mother was born in Baghdad and his father in Mosul, Iraq.

Yemin was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces in February 1987 for compulsory military service, which he finished in February 1990                                  


  • Master of Business Administration - MBA, Business Administration and Management - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • BEc, Economics - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Bachelor of Laws - LLB - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


  • Delek US Holdings - CEO
  • Delek US Holdings - Chairman
  • Delek US Holdings - President


Yemin was invited to ring the NY stock exchange opening & closing bell on three separate occasions