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Steven J. Johnston

Also Known As Steven Johnston, Mr. Johnston

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Steven J. Johnston is a Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer of Cincinnati Financial Corp(CINF)

Mr. Johnston is chairman of the board since 2020, and chief executive officer of the company and its U.S. subsidiaries, since 2011. He was president of the company from 2011 t 2022. He was president of the company's U.S. subsidiary, The Cincinnati Insurance Company, from 2011 to 2022. From 2008 to 2011, he was chief financial officer, senior vice president and secretary for both the company and The Cincinnati Insurance Company, and treasurer of the company. 

As chief executive officer of Cincinnati Financial Corporation, Mr. Johnston provides the board with information gained from hands-on management of our operations, identifying our near‑term and long-term challenges, opportunities and strategies. His management and actuarial expertise and his experience driving technology and efficiency improvements combine with his strong communication skills to aid in his role as liaison between the board and the company management team.

In the past Mr. Johnston held the position of Director & Senior Vice President at State Automobile Mutual Insurance Co., Inc. and Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer of State Auto Financial Corp. (a subsidiary of State Automobile Mutual Insurance Co., Inc.).


  • undergraduate degree - Otterbein College


  • Cincinnati Financial - CEO
  • Cincinnati Financial - Chairman
  • Cincinnati Financial - President