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Wendell Weeks

Also Known As Wendell Weeks , Weeks, Wendell P. Weeks

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Wendell P. Weeks is an American businessman, the chairman, CEO, and president of Corning Inc. ( GLW )

He joined Corning in 1983. He held a variety of financial, business development, commercial, and general management roles, including strategic positions in the company’s television, specialty glass, and optical communications businesses.

In 1996, Weeks was named vice president and general manager of Corning’s optical fiber business, a tenure which included managing through a major sales downturn.

Weeks has been a director of Corning since December 2000.

He was promoted to chief executive officer in April 2005. A notable action was rapid movement into production of Gorilla Glass, for the new iPhone.

He became chairman in April 2007

Weeks has been a member of the board of directors of Amazon.com since February 2016

Weeks met his wife, Kim Frock, at Harvard Business School. She worked at Corning and helped initiate and volunteered with a local school project. They have two children

Early Life

Wendell P. Weeks born on 1959/60  


  • bachelor's degree - Lehigh University
  • MBA - Harvard Business School


  • Corning Inc - CEO
  • Corning Inc - Chairman
  • Corning Inc - President