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Lorenzo Simonelli

Also Known As Simonelli

CEO of Baker Hughes

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Lorenzo Simonelli is the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Baker Hughes, Inc.(BKR)

Simonelli started his career in International and Corporate Finance at Mitsubishi Bank. One of his father's friends, former GE Vice Chairman and chairman of Fiat, Paolo Fresco, advised him to look at GE's training programs. Simonelli joined GE's Financial Management Program in 1994.

In 1997 Simonelli joined GE's Corporate Audit Staff and had assignments in Asia, Europe and the U.S. around both financial and process improvement areas. He progressed to be executive audit manager for European Industrial Businesses in 2001. In 2002, he joined Consumer Products as the financial planning and analysis manager. In April 2004, he became CFO Americas for Consumer & Industrial before being appointed to general manager, Product Management for Appliances, Lighting, Electrical Distribution and Motors in 2005. In 2007 he was promoted to President & CEO EMEA of GE Consumer and Industrial.

In 2008 Simonelli became GE's youngest ever division chief and the first non-American to run GE Transportation. In 2013, he was appointed president of GE's Oil and Gas division, which he ran until the division was merged with Baker Hughes Inc in 2017, becoming Baker Hughes, a GE Company He became CEO of the newly formed company, and following GE's divestment from the company in 2019, has continued on as CEO of the independent Baker Hughes Company

Simonelli is married, and lives in Houston, Texas

Baker Hughes is an energy technology company that combines innovation, expertise and scale to provide solutions for energy and industrial customers worldwide.

Simonelli was named Chairman of the Board in October 2017 and has been President and CEO since the Company’s creation in 2017, where he oversaw the successful merger of GE Oil & Gas with Baker Hughes Inc. Since 2013, he served as President and CEO of GE Oil & Gas.

Previously, Simonelli served as President and CEO of GE Transportation, a global transportation leader in the rail, mining, marine and energy storage industries. During his five-year tenure, he expanded and diversified GE Transportation by focusing on advanced technology manufacturing, intelligent control systems, and a diverse approach to new propulsion solutions.

He has also served as CFO Americas for GE Consumer & Industrial, as well as General Manager, Product Management for GE Appliances, Lighting, Electrical Distribution and Motors.

Simonelli joined GE’s Financial Management Program in 1994, where he worked on assignments in GE International, GE Shared Services, GE Oil & Gas, and Consolidated Financial Insurance.

He currently serves on the Board of Iveco Group N.V. He served on the Board of C3.ai, Inc. from 2020-2021 and on the Board of CNH Industrial N.V. from 2019-2021.

Originally from Tuscany, Italy, Simonelli is a Business & Economics Graduate from Cardiff University in South Wales. He is married and resides in Houston.

Early Life

Lorenzo Simonelli Born 1973 is originally from Tuscany, Italy, where his family owns a vineyard producing wine and olive oil. He moved to London with his father aged 9 and was educated at Highgate School.

Simonelli holds a Bachelor's degree in Business and Economics from Cardiff University, and he received a master's degree honoris causa in Chemical Sciences from the University of Florence in January 2016 “as an acknowledgment for his excellent managerial commitment to develop advanced research in the field of chemical sciences, with particular attention to results that have technological importance                   


  • Bachelor's degree : Business and Economics from Cardiff University -
  • master's degree honoris causa in Chemical Sciences from University of Florence -


  • Baker Hughes - CEO


Lorenzo Simonelli has been named in Fortune's Forty under Forty in 2009 and 2010. He was named as Petroleum Economist's CEO of the Year in 2019,and listed by ALLY's Energy Voice of 2020 as a leader in the Energy Transition