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Mark J. Costa

Also Known As Mark Costa , Mark

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Mark J. Costa is a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Eastman Chemical (EMN) .

Since joining Eastman a decade ago, Mark has been instrumental in developing the strategies and strengthening the capabilities that have led to Eastman’s greatest period of growth. Under his leadership, the company has accelerated its transformation to a specialty chemical company.

Mark first came to know Eastman, and Eastman first came to know Mark, during his time as a senior partner with Monitor, the world’s leading strategy consulting firm. In 2006, Mark joined Eastman as leader of strategy, marketing and business development. In 2008, he was named Executive Vice president and assumed profit and loss responsibilities for Polymers businesses. In 2009, his role was expanded to lead all of the specialty products businesses. During this time, he also served as Chief Marketing Officer and headed the global integrated supply chain as well as Eastman’s global innovation and sustainability initiatives. In 2013, Mark was named President of Eastman Chemical Company and was appointed to the company’s Board of Directors. He assumed his current position in 2014.

In addition to his responsibilities at Eastman, Mark serves on the Executive Committee for the American Chemistry Council, the Society for Chemical Industries (SCI), and The Business Roundtable, where he also chairs the Smart Regulation Committee. He is also an active member of The Business Council.

 Mark is married and has two sons and, in his fleeting spare time, he enjoys playing tennis, skiing, and mountain biking.


  • bachelor's degree - economics - University of California at Berkeley
  • M.B.A - Harvard Business School


  • Eastman Chemical - CEO